Is it Absolutely Necessary to Use Algaecide?

Hmm, I don’t know. If you have read a post or two on this blog you’ll know that my pool had brown, dirty, murky water with a colony of frogs living in it at one time. It’s now crystal clear and swimmable.

It took a lot of work, diatomaceous earth, chlorine, shock, leaf scooping, vacuuming and wall brushing, but it didn’t take any algaecide. Wait, let me rephrase that. I did buy a bottle of algaecide but forgot to use it.

After my pool water was crystal clear I realized that I hadn’t used the algaecide. The water has been clear now for about a month, with no traces of algae and I still haven’t used the algaecide.

When to Use Algaecide

I guess algaecide is good to have if you’re going away for awhile and you’re not able to monitor your water chemical levels daily. It’s probably something that will help prevent the growth of algae in the event the chemical levels slip out of balance.


Other Water Clearing Chemicals

While I was in the throws of transforming my water from muddy to clear I saw all types of chemicals available at the pool store for clearing cloudy, green water. I didn’t bother to purchase any because I had my hands full trying to understand things like pH, total alkalinity, hardness, free chlorine, total chlorine and CYA levels. Not to mention that I had to evict the local frog population.

I just couldn’t take on the chore of trying to understand another chemical so I opted not to add the water clearing chemicals to my arsenal.

Were They Necessary?

In my experience, the algaecide and other water clearing chemicals are not absolutely necessary. I tend to stick with the basics. If the basics work there’s no need for me to purchase any extra fancy chemicals. In other words, if it aint broke, don’t fix it.

clean pool

Time for a Disclaimer:

As the tag line for this blog states: Stuff I learned while fighting with my above ground pool. I’m not telling you to stop using algaecides or other chemicals. If you use them and they work well for you, great. I just found they were not an absolute necessity for cleaning my dirty pool.

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  1. Dan says:

    Year to year you may experience difference behaviors from your pool water. Last year I used algaecide after scooping out the leaves, but before doing anything else. I then scrubbed, chlorinated, and the pool seemed to react perfectly.

    THIS year, I did everything BUT the algaecide and ended up with a clear, clean, chlorinated pool with green-tinted water. Seems the algaecide will kill the algae and prevent it from ‘converting’ your chlorine.